Daddy I Do


The Purity Ball symbolizes a father's protection over his daughter's virginity, but how does this reflect in the choices she makes, understanding her sexuality, and knowing her worth as a woman? This documentary examines the effects of Abstinence-Only Programs versus Comprehensive Sex Education in schools and what society can do to help lower teen pregnancies, abortions, and STDS, as well as poverty and sexual abuse.

letter from the director

"Daddy I Do" shows how teen pregnancy, abortion, poverty, and sexual abuse all trace back to Sex Education in America. Opinions about sex stem from religious views, but it's up to you, the viewer, to determine whether or not ideologies should decide what's best for our children and our country. I strongly believe this film has the power to shed light on topics that many Americans are too afraid to address. Knowledge is power, and we need to use that power towards good. I encourage you to see the deeper meaning behind "Daddy I Do", in hopes of a better tomorrow through positive action.


Cassie Jaye
Director of “Daddy I Do"


“The questions are simple, the answers provocative and controversial, the solution is devastatingly elusive but, at the very least, one knows the questions and "Daddy I Do" should be a standard beginning in every school’s conversation with our kids about sex.”Dr. Howard Rosenburg, UNR

“If the conversation that exploded in my living room is any indication, "Daddy I Do" is a great catalyst for conversation, a film that provides more than ample information to engage individuals.”Marina Antunes, Row Three

“But unlike many other recent political documentaries, one doesn’t feel swindled into agreement; Jaye explores this complex issue in enough depth that the viewer is actually edified, and not brainwashed by it. And that takes true talent.”Lita Robinson, Screen Comment
“"Daddy I Do" is an astounding achievement for a director of any age, let alone one who's only in her early twenties and doubly more impressive for being Ms. Jaye's first feature length filmmaking effort.”Jen Johans, Film Intuition